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Edith Dekyndt (http://www.edithdekyndt.be)
In May 2011, Edith Dekyndt came from Belgium. Edith is a visual artist who exhibits in many countries (Belgium, France, England, Slovenia, Switzerland, USA ...). According to Rodney LaTourelle (BORDER CROSSING, Volume 19, number 2, Issue No. 74, Winnipeg, Canada 2000), "Edith’ search for unions, contradictions and collisions between "visible "and "invisible " is revealed through her work with the ephemeral gestures, unstable materials and (...)

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Face to the light

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The Company Ithéré?
... A cabin of tools, of tales, a travel factory, a dream bubble that sparkles in the head, a garden without a fence, a homeless shelter (to better see the sky), two eyes in the night (to stay awake), a psyche to cross the mirror ...
Teaser of the show Teaser of the show (...)

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