The polar light simulator


Welcome, this site presents the Planeterrella, an amazing polar light simulator

The polar light simulator

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Institute of Planetology and Astrophysics in Grenoble (IPAG) Observatory of Sciences of the Universe of Grenoble (OSUG) National Scientific Research Center (CNRS) University Joseph Fourier - Grenoble (UJF) European Cooperation in Science and Technology National Institute of Sciences of the Universe Service of Studies and Realization of Scientific Equipment European Planetology Network Laboratoire d’Etudes Spatiales et d’Instrumentation en Astrophysique (LESIA) Toulouse (...)

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Director of the publication : Jean-Louis Monin
Leading director : Jean Lilensten
Infomestre : if need be For all remarks and suggestions : Jean Lilensten
Shelterer : Laboratory of planetology of Grenoble (CNRS/UJF) BP 53 - 38041 Grenoble Cedex 9 - France
Technical realization : Zapilou based upon the open-source content management system SPIP and the CNRS graphic guidelines.
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Clause of not-responsibility The responsibility for CNRS and the University Joseph Fourier (...)

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Institut de Planétologie et d'Astrophysique de Grenoble (IPAG)