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Meudon’s planeterrella

The idea to build a Planeterrella at Observatoire de Paris-Meudon (more exactly within the Department of Studies and Instrumentation in Astrophysics (LESIA) located in Meudon) naturally germinated following the presentation of the experience by our eccentric friend Jean Lilensten during the National solar terrestrial meeting at Obernai in March 2008.

Researchers at the pole plasma LESIA, Baptiste Cecconi and Laurent Lamy, soon joined by Carine Briand, understood what a dramatic tool it is to illustrate the dramatic generation of planetary aurorae, evoke the underlying principles of plasma physics and to teach in an original way. The experiment was conducted partly at LESIA, thanks to the involvement of many personal (Vartan Arslanyan Roger Hulin, Alain Piacentino, Bernard Talureau David Polizzi ...) with the support of the outreach service of the Meudon / Paris Observatory.

General public: Operational since mid-2009 and labeled "International Year of Astronomy 2009", this experience was presented by an enlarged team (Xavier Bonnin, Gaetan Lechat, Raphael Gallicher ...) to many public events in Ile-de-France (Palais de la Découverte, The nights of the Observatoire de Paris, on the French second TV channel ...).
Education: The proposed use Planeterrella as practical work experience (within Unit Training and Teaching of Observatory) is under consideration.

Batiste and Laurent.

For any request:contact.planeterrella@obspm.fr

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