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Books on Kristian Birkeland

To my knowledge, there are only two books published on K. Birkeland. Both are excellent.
"Kristian Birkeland, the first space scientist," Ed Springer, A. Egeland and W.J. Burke, is a very detailed description of Kristian Birkeland and his advances in physics and space physics. It also describes his life with precision. I know Alve Egeland, I greatly admire him as a scientist and as a good friend. It is not surprising that this book is so precise and well documented, and the physics inside is so clearly explained
"Northern Lights", Ed London: Hamish Hamilton, L. Jago, is written by a very talented journalist and novelist. Lucy shows not only the life of Kristian Birkeland through a series of major events he experienced, but it literally enters his psychology as if she had really known him personally. She does not over-interpret the scientist, but she shines him in such a way that we can se heim as a human being, coupled with a scientific

The two books complement each other very well.

Books by Jean Lilensten

I have published several books for a variety of audiences.

My first book in 1989 was about ... the mountains! It was called "active mountain", Editions du Sorbier. I was still a student, and I was torn between a mountain guide and astronomy. This is the later that finally won. So I then wrote, by the same publisher "Peers on Space" in 1992, obsolete today as knowledge grew.

The life of Camille Flammarion, one of the great popularizers of astronomy and great cultural and political figure of his time.

Camille Flammarion and popular astronomy / Lilensten Jean Pascal Gourmault. Sorbier, 1998 (Eureka). ISBN: 2-7320-3502-5 >

A book for master physics level on the Sun-Earth relationship. Important! This book is for specialists and contains hundreds of equations. J. Lilensten and PL Blelly, From the Sun to the Earth, Aeronomy and space weather, Collection Grenoble Sciences, EDP Sciences, ISBN 2 86883 467 1 January 2000 >
My first book purely "space weather" was published in 2001. It describes the Sun, the Earth, and the interaction between the two through three chapters. A series of appendices addresses the physics at a first year university physics. Under the lights of the Sun: towards a space weather, collection Grenoble Sciences, EDP Sciences, ISBN 2 86883 540 6 November 2001
Parallel to the space weather, I published a book more generally on physics, interesting to me the different concepts of infinity: the infinitely heavy, far, hot ... I asked an illustrator to live a little character to Gotlieb, an ant, which comes with impertinence in the text. The goal? Do not fall into anthropocentrism. The Ant and the infinite, J. and E. Riou-Lilensten Kerangal, Illustrations M. Gellens, Publishing of Contemporary Archives (Gordon and Breach), ISBN 2 84703 015 8 June 2002
The little book on physics and infinite did not address the notion of infinity in philosophy. I tried to show how the physical concepts can induce philosophical principles in "The Ant and philosophy." Here, Anne Olivier produced the beautiful illustrations, while the specialist Pascal Dupond accompanied the philosophical text through examples taken from the reign of insects.

The Ant and philosophy, and J. Lilensten P.Dupond, Odin Edition, October 2005 >

The book on space weather was translated into English (Springer, 2006). I made a profound update, enjoying readers comments and solar events of October-November 2003. It was published under the title "space weather, environment and societies" (ISBN-10 1-4020- 4331-7 (HB)
In October 2006 was released "The Solar System Revisited" (Eyrolles), which I partly wrote and for which I coordinated other chapters written by members of my planetology team. This book is thus also a laboratory project.

The Solar System Revisited, O’Reilly Media, J. Lilensten + 7 authors, collective work under my coordination LPG), Eyrolles, 2006, ISBN 2212 11980 1 >

In 2007, Springer has published another book under my direction (Space Weather, research Toward applications in Europe, J. Lilensten ed., 2007), for researchers this time that synthesizes space weather knowledge in Europe.

Space Weather, research Toward applications in Europe, J. Lilensten ed, Astrophysics and space science library, Springer, ISBN 978 1 4020 5445 7 2007 >.

While in 2009, we wrote the first synthesis of knowledge gained in space weather with a group of colleagues.

Developing the scientific basis for monitoring, modeling and Predicting space weather, ISBN 978-92-898-0044-0, J. Lilensten, A. Belehaki Mr. Messerotti, R. Vainio, J. Waterman, S. Poedts ed, monograph, OPOCE, 2009 >.

In 2014, Editions de la Martinière published "hunter of auroras." I told the daily research in astronomy, the birth of the space weather and, of course, that of Planeterrella!

Dawn Hunter, J. Lilensten Ed La Martinière, 2014, ISBN 9782732464602 >.

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