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Jean LILENSTEN is scientist at CNRS, specialist in planetary environments and polar lights in the solar system. He has published ten books of which several are dedicated to the general public, and took part in planetarium show (Vaulx-en-Velin, Lyon, France) on the Sun. He is the principal instigator of the planeterrella. Mathieu BARTHÉLÉMY is associate professor at Grenoble University, responsible of the Master degree in Astrophysics in Grenoble. He is specialist of radiative transfer in planetary upper atmospheres and spectroscopy. Working on planetary auroral emissions he develops both models and observational devices especially for Earth polar auroral observations in the frame of space weather. He showed with colleagues the presence of polarisation in Earth and Jupiter auroral emissions and is Vice Chair of the COST network “polarisation as a tool to study the solar system and beyond”
Cyril SIMON-WEDLUND is now a researcher at Aalto University (Helsinki, Finland), where he is working on kinetic models and hybrid Mars/comet simulations in anticipation of the arrival of the spacecraft Rosetta. He is a recognized specialist in radiation from the Earth’s upper atmosphere, that of Mars and Venus. In addition to astronomy, he takes a great interest in the history of sciences and photography. Guillaume GRONOFF is a SSAI employee at NASA Langley Research Center, and a former PhD student of Jean Lilensten. He works on the energetic precipitation in planetary atmospheres, especially at Mars, Venus, and Titan. He has built a Planeterrella at the Virginia Air And Space Center at Hampton (VA, USA) with L. Chambers and R. Byles.
Philippe JEANJACQUOTis professor of physics-chemistry at the Charlie Chaplin secondary school in Décines (Rhone, France). He has taken part in twelve French Olympiads of Physics (including one Terrella in 1996), obtaining several national and international awards (Dublin, Moscow, Oporto…). Olivier Brissaud is research engineer at the Laboratory of Planetology of Grenoble. He is responsible for the design and maintenance of laboratory experiments in the field of infra-red spectroscopy and largely contributed to the instrumental settings of the first Planeterrella.
Baptiste Cecconi is a research scientist at LESIA, Observatoire de Paris. He is an expert of magnetospheric and auroral physics for the magnetized planets of the solar system, and especially of the radio emissions linked to polar auroras. He led the Planeterrella project at the Observatoire de Paris. Laurent Lamy Laurent Lamy is an activist assistant astronomer at LESIA, Paris Observatory. He studies the planetary magnetospheres (pending the discovery of their cousins exoplanetary’s​​), the auroral processes therein, and the various radiation they generate. Co-director of Planeterrella "Meudon".
Carine Briand My profession: astronomer. My passions: scuba diving, photography and singing. I invite you to discover these fields. The site dedicated to the sun and its environment (my theme work) is for students. The pages devoted to diving is for everyone. You’ll find all my photos (diving or not), some tips for getting started in the photo undersea, some descriptions of dive sites and links to interesting pages. JF Donati JF Donati works on magnetic fields of stars, be they small and cold (red dwarfs) or large and hot (massive stars). The goal is to understand the origin of their magnetic field, as well as its impact on the birth and life of stars. He built several instruments dedicated to the study of magnetic field in stars (ESPaDOnS on the 3.6m CFH telescope, NARVAL on the 2m TBL telescope).
Vincent Génot est Astronome-Adjoint au CESR, Observatoire Midi-Pyrénées. Son travail de recherche porte sur la physique magnétosphérique, notamment sur les mécanismes d’accélération de particules dans les régions aurorales des planètes magnétisées, principalement à partir de simulations numériques particulaires. Il a participé à la réalisation de la Planeterrella de l’Observatoire Midi-Pyrénées. Decybelsystem DECYBEL SYSTEM is an artist originally from the suburb of Grenoble. After seven years of violin, he decides to quit and starts to compose his own musics. It follows the artistic currents and moves more towards an electronic style.
Always looking for new tunes, he begins to explore other styles, including that of Trip Hop with his songs "In the Rain" and "In the Far North. However, he remains attached to the Electro such as in "Only Shared" and "Oh Oh Oh. He gives a great importance to the image, and creates himself all his visuals. Thanks to myspace, more and more people happen to listen to his compos, first in the Grenoble area, then gradually in French cities and abroad.

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