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Scholars and students work

Very soon after its inception, the Planeterrella began to interest students and teachers. It moves to them or the students come to see it. In primary school, they write texts. In college, it adapts to the program "Science and Life on Earth" or to the Physics program. High school students use it for their "Personnal Supervised Work" and those preparatory classes for their "Personnal Individual Supervised Work". Students make physical models to describe it...
This page gives some examples of these works.

These works are always under the responsibility of the teachers of these students. The role of the researchers around the Planeterrella is a supporting role, as we have been assigned by teachers: we answer the questions, but we must let the students explore their tracks, even if they lead to dead ends. To take these students by the hand would reveal anti-educational, go against the efforts of their teachers. That is why in these works, in spite of their great qualities, there are still errors.

Their authors have agreed to make them available. If you use them, scientific ethics requires that you quote the authors, and you cite this website where you downloaded the documents. To cite is one of the foundations of science, and everyone grows up by quoting those by whom he / she was inspired.

If you use these documents, do not copy - paste. Copy - paste is the modern word for "plagiarism". Plagiarism is a dishonest approach, a serious misbehavior, to which the authors of this site and Planeterrella team will never adhere.

And if, in your turn, you want to provide your work to others, send it to jean.lilensten@obs.ujf-grenoble.fr

Institut de Planétologie et d'Astrophysique de Grenoble (IPAG)