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Face to the light

Facing the light: a performance of the company Ithéré http://jaci.fr/)

The Company Ithéré?
... A cabin of tools, of tales, a travel factory, a dream bubble that sparkles in the head, a garden without a fence, a homeless shelter (to better see the sky), two eyes in the night (to stay awake), a psyche to cross the mirror ...

Teaser of the show

As soon as she saw the Planeterrella, As soon as she heard the story of Kristian Birkeland, the storyteller Jennifer Anderson wanted to create a show from this material. Given for the first time in February 2013 for the event "Crazy with Astro", this show has evolved over several sessions.
It tells part of the history of Kristian Birkeland. On stage, the Planeterrella is running in various configurations projected on a large screen. With it, the storyteller, and the scientific. I establish parallels between Kristian Birkeland’ epoch and the current scientific work on the polar lights. After the show, a demonstration is offered to the public.

An English translation is in progress for an international tour. This show has been labeled in the "International Year of Light". It is played in several cities in France.

In a room of the Joseph Fourier University, the physics department, storyteller Jennifer Anderson is writing the show off the Planeterrella:
Before a show ...

The downloadable brochure in English and in French includes the presentation of this show, and also that of another show between art and astronomy, where we play also with the guitarist Rémi Resse and two other professional astrophysicists, Gilles Henry and Xavier Delfosse.
PDF - 3.9 Mb Plaquette spectacle

Institut de Planétologie et d'Astrophysique de Grenoble (IPAG)