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Articles pure Planeterrella

This page provides scientific and outreach articles directly related to the Planeterrella

The following article- is a description of the physical experience in French.
Jean Lilensten, Mathieu Barthélémy, Cyril Simon, Philippe Jeanjacquot, La Planeterrella, une expérience pédagogique en planétologie et physique des plasmas, Bull. Un. Phys., 102, 799-816, 2008

Here, with several more paragraphs, the description in English
Freely downloadable-
J. Lilensten, Mathieu Barthélemy, Cyril Simon, Philippe Jeanjacquot and Guillaume Gronoff , The Planeterrella, a pedagogic experiment in planetology and plasma physics, Acta Geophysica, vol. 57, no. 1, pp. 220-2352008, DOI: 10.2478/s11600-008-0079-x, 220-235, 2009

Here, after five years, the first lessons I learned from this experience
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J. Lilensten, G. Provan, S. Grimald, A. Brekke, E. Flückiger, P. Vanlommel, C. Simon Wedlund, M. Barthélémy, and P. Garnier, The Planeterrella experiment: from individual initiative to Networking, J. Space Weather Space Clim., 3, A07, DOI: 10.1051/swsc/2013029, 2013

The last Terrella I made - before the Planeterrella project - with my Italian colleague and friend Mauro Messerotti gave rise to this article:
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M. Messerotti, R. Baccomi, D. Iugovaz et J. Lilensten, A Terrella Device for Simulating Aurora-Like Phenomena in a Box, Earth Moon Planet, DOI 10.1007/s11038-008-9262-y, Springer Science+Business Media B.V. 2008, Dec 2008

My former PhD students and always friends have written this article:
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Gronoff, G.; Wedlund, C.S., Auroral Formation and Plasma Interaction Between Magnetized Objects Simulated With the Planeterrella, Plasma Science, IEEE Transactions on (Volume:39 , Issue: 11 )

With my friend and high school teacher, we reported on our experiences with his scholars:
Freely downloadable-
Casting light on solar wind: simulating aurorae at school, Philippe Jeanjacquot and Jean Lilensten, Science in School, vol 26, p32-37, 2013

Cyril Simon-Wedlund was already in my team when I created the first Planeterrella, and he was certainly amongst the most enthusiastic. Since then, he co-invented the Planeterrella Cubica and remains one of the most fervent supporter of Planeterrellas. With his co-authors, he kindly accepted to let this slide presentation be posted on this site.
PDF - 3.4 Mb CyrilSW_Planeterrella_HighSchool_Helsinki2015

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