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Scientific papers

This page contains scientific articles dealing with the physics of Planeterrella. These are essentially articles in English, published in scientific journals with referees.

The following article is in German - (Auf Deutch)
PDF - 2.9 Mb 1964, Von Horst Hansel, Uber eine neue Deutungsmoglichkeit von Terrella-experimenten

Here is a beautiful experimental approach to the magnetopause, as can also be seen with the Planeterrella.
PDF - 1.8 Mb 2012 - Yur et al., Simulation in the Front Region of the Earth’s Magnetosphere

A beautiful study of plasma instabilities in a Terrella:
PDF - 1.2 Mb 1967, Quinn et Fiorito, Investigation of Laboratory Plasma Instabilities in a Dipole Magnetic Field

In the following article, the Terrella is reduced to a magnet. But physics is rigorously described.
PDF - 536.9 kb 2001, Sheldon et Spurrier, The spinning terrella plasma experiment: Initial results

The following article may seem far from the Planeterrella. Still, it gives a complete writing mechanisms in a plasma, leading to the emissions (radio in this case).
PDF - 1.4 Mb 1985, Dulk G.A., Radio emission from the Sun and the stars

How do energetic electrons generate waves in the plasma of A Terrella?
PDF - 823.2 kb 1996, Warren et al., Observation of wave-induced chaotic radial transport in a laboratory terrella experiment

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