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In project

Other agreements have been signed or are in progress.

In France, several planeterrellas are under construction or planned.
The most advanced is perhaps that of the University of Orleans, under the direction of Sebastian Celestin. Others seem to max out at the Polytechnic School in Palaiseau (Malik Mansour), the University of Lille (Thomas Paget), at the Planetarium of Capelle la Grande, the PLUS (David Pinte). In the south of France, a dynamic association is creating the "House of the Sun" and began building a Planeterrella (Manuela Raimbault). The University of Nancy wants to propose scientific outreach activities, especially with a Planeterrella (Helene Fisher).

In Belgium, several planeterrellas are still under construction: a second at the Royal Observatory in Brussels, another at the Hasselt University (Dorine Leenders).

Besides the Terrella Cubica Finland, some planeterrellas should emerge in Scandinavia. In Sweden, in Stockholm (Koen Hendrickx), but also at the Auroral Institute in Tromso (Ashild Fredriksen) or at the Scientific and Technical Museum in Oslo.
In Tromso also lives the great Terje Brundtland, who renovated Birkeland’s Terrella Universe, and agreed to show it to me, unknowingly initiating the process that would lead, several years later, to the Planeterrella. A Planeterrella in Tromso will not only be a great joy, but also an honor. And a tribute to Terje and to Birkeland.

In Britain, the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory near Didcot - Oxfordshire and the British Geological Survey in Nothingham, signed the partnership agreement.

In southern Europe, several are planeterrellas should be constructed. In Spain, in Granada (José Luis Moreno Garvayo) in a scientific association (www.hablandodeciencia.com) and also, perhaps, at the University of Ebro, under the leadership of Juan José Curto. In Portugal, the University of Evora may soon have one (Rui Dias).

Outside Europe, Algeria could be the first in Africa to have its Planeterrella, thanks to the dynamism of Mourad Djebli. In the United States, Karen Kelly prepares one for the Children’s Museum in Atlanta. In Canada, the Science Centre in Sudbury also wants a Planeterrella (Melissa Radey).

Institut de Planétologie et d'Astrophysique de Grenoble (IPAG)